Wednesday, May 17

9:00AM – 4:00PM Pre-conference Training – Choose from 3 tracks:
  Financials Administration: Take the Helm
Gain proficiency in managing the Unanet Financials license for accurate and efficient financial reporting. In this full-day, hands on course, learn how to perform typical administrator functions like period-end closing, maintaining system configuration to support best practices, finding viable solutions to address real-life scenarios, learning how to maintain and adjust existing configuration settings and preparing for accounting cycle changes, and learn where to find additional resources.

Build a Strong Foundation: Prepare to Set Sail
Transform your Unanet proficiency with this full-day, hands-on exploration of best practice configuration to support accurate time and expense charging and to confirm the data is valid for billing and cost posting. Transform your understanding of Unanet’s rich reporting features by exploring Unanet’s reports’ library and discover new ways to gather the metrics you need.

Unanet Admirals Class: Expanding Your Vision
Feel that you’ve completely uncovered all capabilities of your Unanet system? Not so fast! Join us as we share how other Unanet Admirals are exponentially increasing corporate efficiency levels by configuring their Unanet in remarkable ways. Take home ideas about smart project encoding, advanced reporting, data forensics, automated quality control, and applications of new 10.2 capabilities ready to apply to your Unanet. Enjoy a lively discussion with your Unanet Admirals community.
9:30AM – 4:30PM Partner Summit – Space is available for two attendees per partner firm.

Thursday, May 18

8:00AM – 8:30AM Registration & Breakfast
8:30AM – 9:30AM Opening Remarks & Product Tour
9:30AM – 10:30AM Keynote Speaker
Stan Soloway, Celero Strategies
“New Administration, New Congress… New Market?”
10:30AM – 10:45AM Networking Break
10:45AM – 12:00PM Speed Learning
12:00PM – 1:15PM Lunch
1:15PM – 2:45PM Breakout Session – Choose from 4 tracks:

Be ship-shape: Month-end Procedures and Financial Reporting

In this session, hear from Traci Rowland, Partner at Cordia Partners, on proper execution and invaluable tips to manage your month-end close.

During the second half of the session, the Unanet Solutions Engineering team will present an advanced tutorial on developing your own custom financial reports. Review several of the most popular of the reports the Solutions Team has developed for clients over the last year. Investigate not only where to find the data, but how to go turn it into actionable information. The emphasis will be on the process, not a specific report, so that it’s repeatable in your environment.

Thought Leadership
Strategic Proposal Development: From RFP to Forecast

Strengthen your game plan for winning business, get a look at ways to improve your processes – from budget development to rolling forecasts, and better position your company to earn a reasonable profit and increase your win rate on new contracts.

Learn How to Strengthen Your Pipeline

Hear about new contract vehicles, the changes occurring in the government procurement world, where the money is coming from, and where the contracts are being awarded in the 2nd half of FY2017 heading in FY2018.

Launching Innovative Business Solutions
Into the Horizon: Pipeline Projections in Unanet

Two Unanet customers will present their methodologies for going beyond the fundamental metrics to five to ten year revenue and labor utilization projections in Unanet. Ask questions so you can take some or all of their processes back to your organization!

Advanced Project Management

Discussion of the PM’s mission in the organization and the challenges related to supporting multiple roles (customer advocate, technical innovator, team leader/mentor, BD resource, etc.). Understand the Unanet Advanced Project Management process and the tailorable options to best fit your customer and business practices. Learn the primary PM metrics that can focus your PM actions and provide global benefit for staff utilization, reduced G&A expenditures and accurate corporate-wide forecasting.

2:45PM – 3:00PM Networking Break
3:00PM – 4:45PM Breakout Session – Choose from 4 tracks:

Ship Registry: Taxes, Indirect Rates and and other simplified processes

In this session, hear how Unanet customer, Intelliware, has maintained their operational efficiencies two years after changing accounting systems and how they are expanding their Unanet use with implementing new Unanet features and functionality. In the second half of this session, we will discuss the use of simple fixed asset reporting in Unanet to include calculation of depreciation expense, net book value, and accumulated depreciation calculations. Examples will be provided of exports that provide additional time-saving processes for tax calculations as well as automated payment processing. Lastly, hear from a Unanet Business Consultant regarding managing Indirect Rates in Unanet, including intermediate and advanced pool calculations, end of year reconciliation and capped rates.


Thought Leadership
Unallowable Costs: High Risk or High Reward? Are You Sure You Know What an Allowable Versus Unallowable Cost Is?

Come learn from our experiences on how to justify what you thought might have been unallowable as being allowable. We’ll discuss FAR Part 31, differences in accounting between possible direct and indirect unallowable costs, and how to justify what you would think would be unallowable to really pass muster as allowable.

Benefits of Outsourcing – Why, When, & How?

Get a look at the top reasons why companies look to outsource back-office functions, cultivate a broader understanding of the most common outsourcing models, and determine the key factors you should weigh when considering a provider.


Launching Innovative Business Solutions
Navigation Aids: Reporting solutions

Have you thought about how to expand your use of Unanet reporting? In this session Unanet customers will discuss their use of custom reporting and examine a suite of project management tools used by the project management team throughout the project lifecycle. Theses tools include refreshable web query-based tools for generating proposals and invoices, project status reports, and more.


Advanced Project Management
Project Initiation

Convert existing proposal ‘opportunity’ projects or create new projects following contract/task order award; determine the optimal settings for Profile, Tasks, Administrators, Pay Codes, Labor Categories, Expense Types, Locations based on corproate standards and efficient processes; lock in configuration items needed to limit errors and enhance reporting.

Project Planning

Establish the baseline for your project by planning labor (including potential new hires) and expense while monitoring the critical metrics of revenue, profitability and labor category allocation; understand the best practices of grid planning and expense type usage for efficeint execution of this critical step.

5:00PM – 7:00PM Reception

Friday, May 19

8:00AM – 8:30AM Breakfast
8:30AM – 10:00AM Breakout Session – Choose from 4 tracks:

Smooth Sailing: Optimize Unanet

In this session, hear from a former Unanet customer turned Implementation Consultant about using Unanet to build a pipeline and gain clarity into predicted headcount, revenue forecast and profitability forecast. Review key metrics for CFOs!

In the second portion of this session, hear from Unanet customer Sev1Tech on their efficient Invoicing process, Invoice approval workflow and tricks for successful Invoice formatting in Unanet.


Thought Leadership
Financial Benchmarks Study – GovCon Survey Results

In the ever-changing government contracting industry it is critical to know how to adapt. Discover how your financial operations compare to those of other government contractors and gain insight as to how contractors are impacting their financial operations to increase profitability.

Positioning for a Successful Sale

Learn the keys to improving your company’s valuation. Understand how your revenue & contract growth, financial profile, and internal infrastructure all directly correlate with what savvy buyers look for as they weigh a purchase. 


Launching Innovative Business Solutions

In the first portion of this session a Unanet customer will examine how project schedules and associated resource allocations in MS Project can be imported into Unanet. They employ standard and custom templates to bring in the task structure (i.e., in work breakdown structure format) and schedule, as well as company-specific information and planned work that reflects the resource allocation.

A View from the Crow’s Nest: Understanding Your Customers and Resources

During this session, get a 360 degree view of your customer with Unanet’s CRM, a collection of capabilities within the Unanet solution that provide insights into your customers and projects. These capabilities enable you to collaborate with your team from proposal development to execution of your customers’ projects to contract closeout.

Advanced Project Management
Project Assigning

Make initial plans usable for timesheets and expense reports; understand the implication of flexibility with ‘Allow to Exceed’ and the need to maintain forecasted budgets.

Project Execution (Part 1)

Understand how Unanet provides reports to review baseline, current and forecasted PM metrics. Use these reports as the basis for your corporate processes to establish proactive PM oversight activities.

10:00AM – 10:15AM Networking Break
10:15AM – 11:45AM Breakout Session – Choose from 4 tracks:

Charting the Course: Mapping the Next Journey

During this session, look beyond the current state and into the future. Hear from a Unanet customer about creative solutions for managing complex contracts and using the GL budgets to calculated projected indirect rates. In the second half of this session, hear from Unanet’s Product Management team about the upcoming Purchasing functionality.


Thought Leadership
Price Versus Cost – A Look at Pricing Strategies

Get an overview of contract pricing development. Learn the keys to determining a realistic and profitable pricing model; and avoid the pitfalls of not knowing your market.

  Launching Innovative Business Solutions
Sailor Mates: Collaborating for Effective Solutions

In the first half of this session, Unanet customer Summit Consulting will present the process for training their PM and Finance teams to utilize Unanet reporting as the “One Version of Truth”

Also hear from Unanet customer Enercon about their extensive training and documentation development to deploy Unanet Portfolio Financials to 1000 users. Review their lessons learned and ongoing QA processes.


Advanced Project Management
Project Execution (Part 2)

Adjust forecasted costs and revenue to optimize revenue, profitabilty and labor category allocation to meet the Estimate-at-Completion objectives; understand the PM’s actions needed to capture all available revenue without exceeding funded amount, meet organization profitability objectives, and honor contract labor category limits.

Project Closure

Prepare for your future by properly capturing project-level data to support future proposal and process improvement decisions; while the ‘iron is hot’, document the summary features of this project, customer relationship, innovations and performance to be used in future proposals.

Special Topics

Review best practices for storing and reporting on ‘opportunity revenue’ with Unanet projects. Envision using Unanet reports to complete the Proposal Cost Volume. Use Unanet adhocs to support the Incurred Cost Submission detail or the annual Contract Workforce by Zip Code report

11:45AM – 1:00PM Lunch
1:00PM – 2:15PM Speed Learning
2:15PM – 2:45PM

Product Roadmap
Including a look into Purchasing capabilities

2:45PM – 3:00PM Networking Break
3:00PM – 4:15PM

General Session

Who Wants to be a Unanet Extraordinaire

Prizes! Bragging Rights! You don’t want to miss the chance to showcase your Unanet knowledge or cheer on our participants in a brand new segment in our Champions Conference agenda! This will be a fun and informational segment, not to be missed!

4:15PM – 4:30PM Final Remarks

**Please note that Agenda details are subject to change.